Monitoring the usage as well as the rates of success in the execution of the application by several users has revealed a list of common mistakes that can prevent StRAnGER from running properly and/or crash without returning any results. While we are working in order to make the application more defensive against these kind of errors, please read this list here and read the help before using the application.


The StRAnGER algorithm is now available also as a web service. It has been implemented as a TAVERNA workflow manager and uploaded to myExperiment.


The StRAnGER article was published in Frontiers in Systems Biology. If you are using StRAnGER for your analysis please cite the following:

Chatziioannou, A. and Moulos, P.
Exploiting statistical methodologies and controlled vocabularies for prioritized functional analysis of genomic experiments: the StRAnGER web application
Front. Neurosci. 5:8. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2011.00008 (PubMed)


Dear StRAnGER users, please read the help section and the tutorial carefully before you start using the application. Although it is quite easy to use, if the application is not supplied with the correct files, it will crash.


StRAnGER is released! Use it here.